Much has been going on here at the ranch as we finished up our summer programs and are now focusing on construction as we move towards the opening of the residential program.  Check out the pictures from the summer in the photo gallery.  We had a great time and most of all strived to exalt Christ in all that we did.  We have many work weekends scheduled for the upcoming months.  If you or your group would be interested in volunteering for any of the construction or maintenance projects we have please contact us to schedule a day or weekend.  Also check the calendar for availiable times.  Some of the projects we are focusing on now include clearing weeds, painting fence, winterizing the ranch, finishing construction on the septic system, and upgrading the water line.

Last weekend we were very happy to see the Grace Community youth group as they helped us with constructing a fronch porch for the bunkhouse, filling in holes in the animal barn, sanding and waterproofing the bleachers, and clearing out weeds around our trees.  Thank you for all your help!