Christian Bible School

DDBS is a four-semester study of the Bible, 16 sessions each, provided by Agape Youth Ministry’s Community Youth Ministry Program such as White Mountain Youth INC and Valley of the Son INC (IN the name Christ).

DDBS Dig Deeper

classes are not designed to teach doctrine! Where doctrinal issues arise, the students may be made

aware of the different doctrinal believes. DDBS is also a required course for Agape Youth Ministry’s, Youth Leadership Program.

  • First Semester (101)

  • Second Semester (102)

    *class 101 required

  • Third Semester (201)

    *class 101&102 required

  • Fourth Semester (202)

    *class 201 required

Note: Students must apply to DDBS through Agape Youth Ministry’s Community Youth Ministries using the DDBS enrollment form. There is no Charge for the DDBS, only a  desire to learn God’s word.


Our mission is to effect a change in a youth’s life by showing the love of Jesus Christ by providing financial assistance thru our scholarship program and supporting  Christian-based programs.

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