Non-Denominational Christian Bible School


Dig Deeper Bible School is a four-semester study of the Bible, 16 sessions each, provided by Agape Youth Ministry’s Community Youth Groups program such as White Mountain Youth INC (In the Name of Christ).


Dig Deeper Bible Classes

Dig Deeper


Classes are not designed to teach doctrine! Where doctrinal issues arise, the students may be made

aware of the different doctrinal beliefs.


Dig Deeper Bible School is also a required course for Agape Youth Ministry’s Student Leadership Program.

The goal of the Dig Deeper Bible School is :

  • To provide the student with an understanding of the Bible.

  • To provide a sound foundation to build a lasting relationship with Jesus.

  • To give the student a confidence in their personal salvation.

  • To help the student understand The World vs The Kingdom of Heaven.

  • To build a faith that can endure criticism and questioning.

  • To prepare the student for a servant heart toward Jesus.

Note: Students must apply to Dig Deeper Bible School through Agape Youth Ministry’s Community Youth Ministries using the Dig Deeper Bible School's enrollment form.


There is no charge for Dig Deeper Bible School, only a desire to learn God’s Word.