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Christ. Family. Law & Order

There are many groups speaking on many subjects. 

Stand for something that matters. 


We are for the sanctity of
- all life, born and unborn of every race.
- the preservation of a biblical family unit. 
- religious liberty.
- unashamedly sharing our faith in the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.

Agape Youth Ministry has affiliated with Rise4Christ which was started by members of the Calvary Chapel FourteenSix Church in Surprise, Arizona, in response to the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements in the summer of 2020. Rise4Christ welcomes other Christian ministries and churches to participate in their outreaches. Rise4Christ events take place in public places like community parks where individuals share the Gospel message of salvation, sing, and give personal testimonies around the theme of Christ, Family, and Law and Order!


If you would like to financially support them, use our Donation Page and select Rise4Christ.


You can also check out AYM’s Event Page for current outreaches. 


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For more information or if you are interested in starting a Rise4Christ in your area, contact Greg McGrew:

e-mail: gregm@calvary146.com

Phone: 623-210-6848