White Mountain Youth INC Events


What's the Point?

Dan Parcell, one of the leaders of White Mountain Youth INC (WMY), stated that one of the goals of WMY is to sponsor these types of events so that the students in the White Mountain area get to know other Christian students in the area. They might even know each other in school and not know they are involved in a different Christian churches.

Dan also said that they have started planning for another event that has received good remarks from the youth leaders: a WMY Bible Jeopardy program. Based on Bible knowledge, this program will bring youth groups together to compete in a Jeopardy format and provide cash prizes for the competing youth groups.

WMY is also starting up another session on their Dig Deeper Bible Class 101: learning the fundamentals of Bible studying.

For more information contact White Mountain Youth INC Coordinator Dan Parcell

e-mail: dparcellaz@yahoo.com


White Mountain Youth INC is a Community Youth Group of Agape Youth Ministry