The Student Leadership Program is the foundation of Agape Youth Ministry and its Community Youth Groups mission to develop future Christian Leaders. The programs develop a strong Biblical base for students through the Dig Deeper Bible School. It then develops strong Christian Leadership skills through the Student Leadership University Conferences. Taking this knowledge, the student then learns how to use these skills through the Teen Missions International programs that involves a two week “Boot Camp” and a Missions program of in country or out of country missions. Finally, Agape Youth Ministry helps to place these students that want to use this knowledge in internship programs in youth groups or youth ministries. To support the student in the Student Leadership Program Agape Youth ministry and its community Youth Groups offers financial assistance through it scholarship program. 

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    Agape Youth Ministry

    *AYM primary Ministry is providing resources such as; funding, scholarships, promotion and coordination of its Community Youth Ministries (CYM) and its Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

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    Community Youth Ministries

    Valley of the son Youth/Surprise (VSY INC)

    White Mountain Youth (WMY INC)


    *VSY/WMY Community Youth Ministries of AYM responsible for developing AYM’s YLP
    in a local youth community

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    VSY/WMY Group Activities

    (Multi Church Youth Groups)

    *AYM’s community Youth ministries

    (VSY INC//WMY INC) bringing youth groups together in a local community by providing fellowship activities, awareness of AYM’s Community Ministries and AYM’s YLP Program

    Demographic:  Junior High School (JHS) / High School (HS) YOUTH GROUPS

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    Intense Bible Study (Individual) Dig Deeper Bible School

    *Drawing individual youth from the above Community Youth Ministries activities who want a stronger foundation in the Bible. and provide a strong biblical foundation for the YLP

    Demographic:  JHS / High School (HS) INDIVIDUALS

    Completion of 4 semesters of DDBS

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    *Student Leadership University



    *Drawing from the

    Dig Deeper Bible School those individual students, supported by AYM's Scholarship Program, that have leadership potential can participate in the SLU and TMI programs

    Demographic:  HS INDIVIDUALS/ Young Adults

    Completion of DDBS

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    internship placement in Church Youth Group/Youth Ministry

    *Helping to place as interns or leaders, those youth that have done the YLP into church Youth Groups or Youth Ministries 

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    High School/ College/

    Seminary/The World

    *Completion of the Student Leadership Program has prepared the student to go out into the world for Christ’s Great Commission:
    “Go Therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”    Matthew 28:18


Our mission is to effect a change in a youth’s life by showing the love of Jesus Christ by providing financial assistance thru our scholarship program and supporting  Christian-based programs.

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