Agape Youth Ministries (AYM) partners with White Mountain Youth INC and is helping to develop another youth ministry, Valley of the Son INC. AYM desires to help establish other youth ministries patterned off White Mountain Youth INC. The youth ministries that we partner with will be part of AYM’s program under the name of Community Youth Groups and will be considered part of AYM’s student Community Outreach Program.

AYM will establish or partner with non-church affiliated youth programs in local communities and be described as Community Youth Group, under the following AYM policy:

  • These youth ministries may have their own identity but identify AYM as part of their program and AYM’s community outreach program. 

  • The internal structure of these Community Youth Groups shall be individually determined.

  • Community Youth Groups shall have a Statement of Faith that’s compatible with AYM’s Statement of Faith.

  • Community Youth Groups will attempt whenever possible to raise funds for their events and other activities.

  • Community Youth Groups will promote AYM’s Fellowship! Knowledge! Go! Program and may also provide other programs that are not in conflict with AYM’s Community Outreach Program, but may determine what events or activities they will promote as long as such programs or activities are not in conflict with AYM’s Community Outreach Program and AYM may offer support for these programs.

  • Community Youth Groups' leadership may attend all regularly scheduled AYM Board of Directors meetings.

  • Community Youth Groups shall submit yearly operational budget request and cost reviews for AYM matching funds for their events or other activity.

  • AYM will provide the following services when possible to its Community Youth Groups:

    • Provide matching funds for local events, for administrative costs, or any other cost approved by the AYM/CEO or AYM Board of Directors when within AYM’s yearly budget.

    • Provide AYM’s website support.

    • Provide liability insurance for Community Youth Groups’ local events.

    • Provide chartable donation support for each of the Community Youth Groups.

    • Provide administrative support.


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