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Community Youth Groups

Bringing Jr. & Sr. High youth groups together in a local community by providing fun fellowship activities like airsoft tournaments, bowling, and BBQ's! These activities are hosted by AYM to create awareness of AYM’s Dig Deeper Bible School.

Current Community Youth Groups

Interested in Joining or Starting a
Community Youth Group?

Here's some things you should know!
  • What you can expect from AYM if you start/join a Community Youth Group (CYG):

    • A custom page on AYM's website promoting your CYG.

    • Matching funds for events, for administrative costs, or any other cost approved by the AYM/CEO or AYM Board of Directors when within AYM’s yearly budget.

    • Liability insurance for your CYGs' local events.

    • Chartable donation support.

    • Administrative support.

  • What AYM expects of it's Community Youth Group Members:

    • Youth groups will maintain their own identity but will acknowledge AYM as a partner & sponsor of the Community Youth Group (CYG).

    • The internal structure of each CYG will differ based on its members, however all CYG's must have a statement of faith that is in line with that of AYM.

    • CYG leadership is welcome to attend AYM board meetings.

    • Community Youth Groups will promote AYM’s Fellowship, Knowledge, Go, Program and may also provide other programs that are not in conflict.

    • CYG's will help raise funds for their activities when possible. 

    • CYG's shall submit yearly operational budget request and cost reviews for AYM matching funds for their events or other activity.

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