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White Mountain Youth INC
(In the Name of Christ)

Our Mission at White Mountain Youth INC is to be true followers of Christ and to carry out the will of God as it relates to the youth of His church and develop future Christian leaders. We will accomplish this with prayer and obedience and by the direction of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

About Us

Two youth group leaders in the White Mountain area became friends and decided to have joint activities with their youth groups. They realized that some of their students knew each other but didn't know they attended different youth groups. This sparked the question: "How can we bring more youth groups together so our kids could meet more Christian kids in their schools and communities!?"


This led to the formation of White Mountain Youth INC (In the Name of Christ), a network of youth groups serving the Arizona White Mountain Communities.


In 2019 WMY INC became affiliated with Agape Youth Ministry (AYM) and became part of its Community Youth Group Programs. AYM sponsors events so that the students in the White Mountain area get to know other Christian students in the area.

Additionally, WMY INC provides students the opportunity for continued growth through the AYM programs: Dig Deeper Bible School, Faith in Action, Worldview Academy, mission trips, and internships. 

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