Two local youth group leaders became friends and decided to have joint activities with their youth groups. Realizing that some youth knew kids and did not even know each other attended youth groups. This resulted in discussions leading to a desire to figure out how to bring more youth groups together so the youth

could meet more Christian youth in their schools and community.  White Mountain Youth INC was formed.


Our first event was a Christian Concert with the band Lybecker. We have had 3 other concerts since then, Lybecker again and Third Day "Da Mouth Piece" has played for us twice. Food was available at the concerts.


We have had 3 bowling nights. At this event we rent the whole bowling alley. We have had 70 to 120 kids show up each time for this event, from 8 to 10 different churches. our next bowling night is scheduled for October 9th 2019.


We held a back to school youth rally attended by 12 different churches and over 80 youth. This event consisted of: Music from a local worship band A message from the Bible. Basketball, Swimming pool, Mud obstacle course. A Christian comedian, And a cookout


We are excited about a new Bible class every Wednesday at 4pm. Which started on September 18 2019. The first class was attended by 3 youth all from the same church. The second class was attended by 6 youth from 2 different churches.


White Mountain Youth INC. has encouraged youth groups to have get togethers on multiple occasions. We would set up 2 to 3 youth groups meeting on a Wednesday night or a Sunday afternoon at a neutral location, such as someone's home or a local park. The youth would be given a message, sometimes worship music, when talent was available, and the kids would be feed a BBQ dinner.

In 2020 White Mountain Youth Inc partnered with Agape Youth Ministries Community Youth Program.


Our mission is to effect a change in a youth’s life by showing the love of Jesus Christ by providing financial assistance thru our scholarship program and supporting  Christian-based programs.

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